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Greenbank Hunt Club Dental in Ottawa offers a variety of dental appliances to fit your oral health needs

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Mouth Guards

The dentists at Greenbank Hunt Club Dental can custom fit a mouth guard to help protect your smile when playing sports, no matter your age.

We can create your mouthguard in a short appointment, this will allow us to take an impression of your teeth. 

Your individually fitted mouthguard should be comfortable to wear and help prevent sports injuries.

Remember to replace your mouthguard after each sporting season. 

Bite Guards

The main function of a night (bite) guard is to prevent bruxism. Bruxism is the technical term for clenching and grinding. It is an unconscious habit that usually happens when we are sleeping. Most people do not even realize they are doing it. It can happen while you are under stress, in deep concentration or when you are angry.

Habitual grinding or chewing your upper and lower teeth together can cause wear and tear to your teeth, chipping and even complete breakage of the teeth, joint tenderness, popping, clicking and headaches. 

Sports & Sleep Mouth Guards, Ottawa Dentist

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