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You will find a variety of services offered at Greenbank Hunt Club Dental in Ottawa. Our team will help determine what treatment plan is suitable for you.

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Customized Treatment Plans

We understand that every patient is unique and has personal oral health goals. We will work with our patients to provide customized treatment plans to help maintain your smile over the years.

Our practice offers a range of dental services to restore and maintain your healthy teeth and smile.

Customized Treatment Plans | Greenbank Hunt Club Dental | Ottawa Dentist

General Dentistry, Ottawa Dentist

General Dentistry

We provide our patients with a comprehensive range of general dentistry services to help maintain their smiles.

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Cosmetic Services, Ottawa Dentist

Cosmetic Services

Our dentists provide a variety of cosmetic dental services to alter and help restore the appearance of your smile.

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Dental Appliances, Ottawa Dentist

Dental Appliances

Mouth guards are designed to protect the teeth of people who play sports, and those who suffer from bruxism.

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Oral Surgery, Ottawa Dentist

Oral Surgery

Our team of dentists provide surgical options in an effort to reduce painful conditions and reshape your smile.

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